Elsie Mackie, Author

         The book, Far Horizons, relates true adventurous interactions of the MacGregor family with the elements and inner conflicts.

          The author, Elsie Mackie, is a blue water sailor who lived on a sloop-rigged yacht with her husband and two young children.  Trusting in Christ Jesus as her Lord and Savior, who was and is her strength, carried her through many perils on land and at sea.


          Enter into an adventurous life with the MacGregor family aboard a sloop-rigged forty-two foot yacht.  Many adults dream of taking a few years off to go cruising on a yacht. Their dream is prevented due to lack of finances, or family pressures.

           Conflicts occur between husband and wife.  Storms at sea or being becalmed are both maddening.  Hardships endured force formidable daily decisions.

            Motoring in circles with a shredded mainsail in the Bermuda Triangle; being chased by pirates off the coast of Morocco at night; running aground in the French canals; or on a collision course with a Spanish Naval target ship; and eventual shipwreck are some of the true stories that took place via the yacht, Far Horizons.

             This crew of four; father, mother, and two children (ages five and eight) learn to adjust to a life at sea over a three year period.


Copyright Elsie Mackie 2008                                                                                                 P.O. Box 461165                                                                                                                 Garland, TX  75046-1165

Elsie Mackie    First Rights                                                                                                       Book Rights Reserved                                                                                                         Approximately 3208 words                                                                                                            Based on a true story

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