February 8th


"My sheep hear My voice, and I know  them, and they follow Me"  (John 10:27).

Jesus clearly declares, that His own hear His voice (John 10:27).  As Spirit birthed sons of God with Christ in us, we should be able to hear and know the voice of God.  Why is it then, that so many are having difficulty hearing and knowing the voice of God? Our Heavenly Father's great love and heart's desire is to have sons, and have a Spiritual fellowship with those sons.  Our Father so loved us that He sent His Son who lived and died for us.  Christ justified, saved, and redeemed us  to the Father.  Our Heavenly Father with His heavenly transmitter is regularly communicating and speaking to His sons, but some are NOT receiving His word  or hearing His voice.  For various reasons, His sons are not tuned to the right channel to be able to receive and hear His voice.

Some are tuned to the wrong channel by being and living in selfish  and  wrong areas. They are so filled with the wrong focus of their selfishness, that it drowns out any voice that the Spirit might have to speak to  them.  Some are so busy with the affairs of life with the wrong emphasis, that they don't have time to even turn God's radio on, to listen to Him.  Some are so busy transmitting to God with their laundry lists of requests, that they don't even take time to stop and be still to listen and receive His voice.  Suppose all you did was talk on a telephone conversation without letting the other party ever speak.  What kind of two-way communication is that?  That is only one-way communication.  We may need to give God some quality time,  just waiting upon Him to really receive His voice.

We can be taking in or doing, even good Christian things.  The Lord dealt with me once in a night dream.  I saw myself driving in my car with someone in the front seat that had a troubling problem and needed an answer from God.  I didn't have an answer. I reached over and turned the radio off that was playing some good Christian music in the background.  As soon as I turned the radio off, I heard God speak to me with an answer for that person.  Keeping our minds regularly occupied, can cloud our ability to hear from God.   I  gave that person the answer from the Lord, and they wept as it correctly hit home to them. I spent my time in the car for a great season letting God speak to me, rather than always taking things in.  In three (3) days, the Lord literally fulfilled that dream for a real friend of mine riding with me in my car.  I am so glad that I had been tuned to the right channel! V

Written by Dwight Davis


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