September 16th


"Set your mind on things above, not on the things of the earth" (Col. 3:2).

Sometimes, I have heard the phrase that someone is so heavenly minded, that they are of no earthly good.  Those mentioned as being heavenly minded are those usually doing religious things.  Doing religious activities is not being heavenly minded. Religious minded people would very likely be of no earthly good. True heavenly minded people will certainly be of earthly good.  Paul said, "Set your mind on things above, not on the things of the earth" (Col. 2:3).  When we are seeking God first and putting our mind upon Him, we get divine direction on how to properly handle all the affairs of life.  I tell you a truth, someone who is not able to handle horizontal relationships right, is usually someone who does not have His vertical relationship right either.  They go hand-in-hand.  John said, "if we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness," in our horizontal relationships, "we lie and do not practice the truth" (I John 1:6).  If we are truly heavenly minded, we are certainly be of earthly good.  Christ was certainly heavenly minded, and look at all the earthly good that came forth from His life, His death, and His resurrection.

Paul declares, "For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace" (Rom. 8:6).  A natural mind filled and focused only on the temporal things of this earth produces death.  With our Spirit birthing, we became a new creation life with Christ now living on the inside of us as us.  Christ is our new Spirit life and nature. Christ is to become our new Spirit expression.  Heavenly minded is not pie in the sky in the sweet by and by thinking.  Heavenly minded is knowing and learning the Christ who now lives in us, and then making choices to let Him express Himself in and through us as us.  Paul said, "to be spiritually minded  is life and peace" (Rom 8:6b). Paul knew Christ is our life (I John 5:11-12), and Christ is our peace (Eph. 2:14). Heavenly minded is knowing that when Christ died on the cross, we died with Him (Col. 3:3; Rom. 6:6).  Heavenly minded is knowing that Christ is seated in heavenly places, and that we are seated there with Him (Col. 3:2; Eph. 2:6).  Heavenly minded is knowing that while we live in this earthly life, that it is truly Christ who is our life now in this fleshly clay pot to be expressed to and for others (Gal. 2:20; II Cor. 4:7).

Rather than setting our mind on earthly things (Phil. 3:19), we know our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20).  We know that we have a heavenly calling right now.  We know that we have a heavenly purpose for still being on this earth.  That purpose is to let Christ live and flow through us spontaneously.  What we allow Him to do in and through us now on earth can affect many in heaven one day.  Focus on letting Christ live in and through you to live His love-for-others life as you.  This is truly being heavenly minded, which will be of great earthly and eternal heavenly good! V

Written by Dwight Davis


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