November 25th


"While you are enriched in everything for all liberality, which causes thanksgiving through us to God"  (II Cor. 9:11).

Think of the 100% grace of God freely bestowed on us.  We have an eternal salvation in and through Jesus Christ, as well a son relationship and fellowship with our Heavenly Father.  What marvelous grace, and what a marvelous area for thanksgiving to God in that alone.  However, God has gone far beyond that in our lives.  God has poured out his abundant grace throughout our lives in many ways.  Paul said, "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have abundance in every good work" (II Cor. 9:8).  Look at those three (3) alls, an always, and an every in that sentence.  God is certainly doing everything with His 100% grace to provide your needs in abundance in every way.   With that glorious and gracious statement of God's willingness and intent to provide His highest and best blessings for your needs, we all should be on high shouting ground with much thanksgiving to God.

We need to now position ourselves in the place to receive all from God.  We need to live in the Spirit and let Christ live in and through us in the bountifulness of His life (II Cor. 9:6). Our Lord is gracious to others.  Our Lord is liberal to others.  Not only did we receive the Seed of Christ at our Spirit birthing, but we received the sower of that Seed to live in and through us as us.  We need Christ to live as a giver in and through us, to the Father and to others.  That is the Christ-life.  We should purpose in our heart and allow Christ to express Himself and flow in and through us, in that Christ-life giving manner (II Cor. 9:7).

God has certainly provided things in this life to meet our needs.  When we let Christ live in and through us in the Christ-life, you will find that our Father blesses the flow of His Son in and through us.  You will find that our Father will often bless us in abundance, so that His Son can flow through us to be a blessing for others.  The Holy Spirit will often lead us to let the Christ-life flow, and encourages us to give out of that abundance to meet the needs of others (II Cor. 9:10).  Christ is a giver.  Christ gave His life to others as Jesus of Nazareth (II Cor. 9:9a).  Christ's righteousness in this manner of giving remains forever (II Cor. 9:9b).  Today, that means the Christ in you as you will be a giver, with His righteousness in you.  For every Spirit birthed Christian is a member of the many-membered Body of Christ.  We are enriched in everything, with all of His 100% grace abounding in us.  As Christ expresses Himself with all liberality in us, we cannot help but flow with thanksgiving to God!  V

Written by Dwight Davis


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