July 14th


"Every good gift and every complete gift ever is from above, ever coming down forth from the Father of  all emitting illuminating purity, with Whom there is not ever a deviation, or the slightest indication of inconsistency"  (James 1:17, Expanded Greek Translation -- EGT).

For the last fifteen years, I have been periodically translating the entire New Testament from the Greek text.  To me this is not an intellectual pursuit.  This has been done in a pursuit to better know my Heavenly Father and Christ.  I have discovered that the Greek simply has confirmed and emphasized, what the Holy Spirit has already revealed and taught me through His Spirit.  I carefully listened to the Spirit and with His help selected the best wording in English that said what the Greek text in its fullness stated.  This one verse took me four (4) hours to complete as you see it above. I can  testify to you that this was four (4) of the best hours that I can ever remember having spent seeking just Him.

The Lord showed me that the Greek word phos for light was the best representation in the natural for absolute purity in the Spirit realm.  The Greek word photon is an emitting, illuminating particles of light from a source.  Photon is the word used for lights in James 1:17.  Photi is another Greek word for light or illuminating purity, often something that phos or photon radiates or shines upon, which reveals something to us. The eye gate is the natural opening to allow natural light to come into the body.  Jesus said, if "the light that is in us is darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matt. 6:23).  Our mind or heart should allow His purity in us to express itself through us. However, if that which we think is illuminating purity is actually darkening impurity of our own flesh, and we don't know the difference, how great is that darkening impurity within us.

John declares the message, "that God ever is absolute purity, and no darkening impurity  is ever  in  Him none" (I John 1:5).  Shadows come from something blocking or diffusing the light.  Impurity blocks or diffuses purity.  No matter when, where, or how you look at God there "is not ever a deviation or the slightest indication of inconsistency" (Jas. 1:17), with His absolute emitting and illuminating purity and light! V

Written by Dwight Davis


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